We accept two year olds to five year olds.

Schedule a tour by appointment using our email or phone (626) 292-2082.

Enrollment is open all year when space is available.
To confirm current rates and availability, please contact the preschool.


Rates apply to New Students in January and continuing students in September.


Tuition Rates by the Month
5 Day Program: $730.00
4 Day Program: $660.00
3 Day Program: $560.00
2 Day Program: $460.00

Students in Diapers: $35.00

Added Days: $45.00/Day

Early Drop Off: 8:30-9: $6.00/Day

. . . . .

EXTENDED DAY: 12:00-4:30
Minimum one hour

By the Day
12:00-1:00: $10.00
1:05-3:00: $30.00
1:05-4:30: $45.00
3:00-4:30: $15.00

By the month
Until 3:00: $375.00/Month
Until 4:30: $475.00/Month


The summer program will begin Monday, June 5th and conclude Friday, July 28th.

Come join us for a wet and wild summer experience.  We will have water play, science discovery, arts and crafts, rhythm and movement, and much, much more.  All of our classrooms are Air Conditioned.

Who:  Our summer program is open to all preschoolers age 2 thru students entering first grade in September. (non potty trained 2’s and 3’s are welcome diaper fees $35.00 per month.

When: The program runs for eight weeks three and five days a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or Monday thru Friday 9:00am-12:00 noon.

Early drop off and extended day will be offered each day from 12:00-4:30 at an additional per hour fee and $6.00 for early drop off at 8:30. Prepaid fees for all summer are $700 (three days)  $950 (Five Days).

The summer program will begin Monday, June 5th and conclude Friday, July 28th.

Sign up procedure:  Complete the registration form and return it with the $50.00 registration fee.  You may choose to attend all eight weeks or pick only the weeks that you want to attend.  You only pay for the weeks your child participates.

Cost and Payment:    Tuition is due by June 1st.

3 Days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday): $125/Week
3 Days Any Days: $150.00/Week
5 Days: $185.00/Week
Extended Days 3 & 5 Days prepaid: $700 and $950 all summer.
Daily extended Day: $10.00 per hour and $45 per day until 4:30.

Adding or Changing weeks:  We will try to accommodate additions based on availability. There are no refunds for absence or illness due to our staffing costs.

State forms:  If your child is a new student to our school, there are several forms that will need to be completed before he/she can start, including a physician’s report.