Our nephews went here for preschool and loved it! We’ve sent our little guy here when he turned 2 years old and he’s been at this school for 3 months now and we LOVE this school! At first, he cried (like most do) but like other parents have said, the environment is so loving and nurturing as well as fun and educational that after 2 weeks, our son was running and looking forward to going to school! Ms Vanessa and Mr Yonnan are sweet teachers who’ve helped our son with this transition period. And Ms Janet, the school director, is the best! Ms Janet is witty, fun, understanding, loving and her open arms approach is what makes the school the magical place it is! Our son is so happy to go to school! In the short time that he’s been there, we already noticed an improvement in his vocabulary, spelling and artistic side – he loves to sing and dance! It’s been great fun seeing him grow intellectually in a nurturing environment! Many thanks to a great staff team! We highly recommend this great preschool!

Anh L.
Temple City, CA